Executive writing coaching


A lot of executives manage to do well within their career without good writing skills, but when they start reporting regularly to the board, they hit a stumbling block.

The need to improve may come from their chief executive, or the chair of a committee, or they may realise themselves that their writing skills are holding them back. If this you, the problem is compounded by your busy-ness. When are going to find time to do a writing course, which will probably be too basic, or read books on writing that don’t interest you?

At Write to Govern, Mary Morel understands the time pressures you are under and the conventions of board reporting.

How the individual coaching works

I always start with an introductory session to discuss what you want to achieve and then do an assessment of your writing to understand your writing strengths and weaknesses.

From then on, the training is tailored based on your current writing, so it is practical and relevant.

You’re not committed to a set number of sessions – you decide what’s productive for you.

For more information, contact me on +61 2 9367711 or email

Want help with a specific paper?

Some issues are complex, yet the board paper needs to be concise, yet complete from the directors’ point of view. Writing a concise paper, then adding multiple appendices is no solution to directors’ information overload.

Work with me and we’ll transform your raw material into a compelling paper that gets results.