Write to Govern was founded by board-paper specialist Mary Morel to improve the written quality of board reports and papers.

When board packs are well-written, directors can read them easily and understand what they are about and why they matter.

But when board packs are poorly written, directors can get sidetracked by unimportant details, or miss the point entirely.

Sometimes you need to assess your whole board pack, and at other times, you may just wish to improve people’s writing skills.

Benchmark your board pack

You don’t need anyone to tell you what’s wrong with your board pack. You know its faults. But an analysis from a writing perspective can identify your organisation’s writing culture, point out some quick ways of improving the pack, and act as a benchmark for monitoring and measuring progress.

Improve the quality of your regular reports

When did you last assess your regular reports, such as the CEO and CFO reports? If these reports are hitting the mark, directors will discuss what matters at the meetings.

Improve the quality of your decision and noting board papers

Everyone benefits when writers produce clear, concise papers that don’t require endless reviews:

  • Writers know what is expected of them when your organisation has modern templates and they receive clear briefs.
  • Managers spend less time reviewing when they set clear briefs and understand the role of the reviewer.
  • Directors have more productive meetings when they receive well-written papers.

To find out more about how, contact Mary on +61 400 686 600 or email mary@writetogovern.com.au