For better board reporting

Write to Govern was founded by board-paper specialist Mary Morel to improve the quality of board papers.

If you are a director, you know the frustration of reading long, poorly written papers. Sometimes you don’t understand what the paper is saying or what you’re being asked to approve. Or if the paper has a lot of irrelevant information, you may be sidetracked and find yourself delving into management issues.

If you are a senior executive, you know the frustration of working with your team to prepare papers that are not well received yet have taken ages to prepare.

Board reporting doesn’t have to be like this. 

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Working with teams

I currently specialise in working with senior executives to make a real and lasting difference to their executive, committee and board papers. 

After a short period of working with you and your team:

  • Your readers will thank you for the clarity and brevity of your team’s writing
  • You will save time – no longer will you have to spend hours reviewing and editing your team’s work
  • Your team will meet writing deadlines

Above all, your audiences (executive leadership team, committee or board) will receive the information they need to be informed and make informed decisions. No longer will they have to wade through clutter or ask your team for more information.

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Why work with me

I bring a wealth of experience and skills to working with teams. My understanding of board requirements is based on working with a wide range or organisations and offering a suite of services, including board pack reviews and workshops. 

I’ve successfully completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ course and for many years, I facilitated workshops for the Governance Institute of Australia. 

My book, Write to Govern: How to write effective board papers provides practical advice for writers. 

Let’s talk – ring me on +61 400 686 600 or email