For better board reporting

Write to Govern was founded by board-paper specialist Mary Morel to improve the quality of board reports and papers.

If you are a director, you know the frustration of reading long, poorly written papers. Sometimes you don’t understand what the paper is saying or what you’re being asked to approve. Or if the paper has a lot of irrelevant information, you may be sidetracked and find yourself delving into management issues.

If you are a senior executive, you know the frustration of working with your team to prepare papers that are not well received yet have taken ages to prepare.

Board reporting doesn’t have to be like this.

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Sharing my knowledge online

My online course is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their board writing skills. 

The course includes interviews with governance experts and directors to set the scene about the board’s role.

The sections on writing skills teach you to write clear, concise reports and papers that address directors’ questions.

A common question is ‘How do I know what to put it and what to leave out?’ and this course will help you distinguish between executive and board reporting. 

At the end of this course, you write more clearly and confidently.

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Sharing my knowledge through my book

 My book, Write to Govern: How to write effective board papers provides practical advice for writers.

 Write to Govern provides practical advice based on my years of experience working with organisations and individuals to improve the quality of their board reporting. 

This book is the second edition. I updated the first edition because my knowledge of board papers had deepened from reading so many board packs and listening to writers and directors’ concerns.