Mary Morel

Mary Morel: board-paper specialist, writer and teacher.

I have worked with words all my career – as a writer and teacher.

In 2006, I decided to specialise in improving the quality of board papers. To educate myself, I successfully completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ course and interviewed everyone I knew involved with board papers.

After working with many companies, I wrote Write to Govern: How to write effective board papers. In 2014, I wrote a second edition based on changes in the board paper space. One of the main drivers was directors moving to reading their board papers on devices and requesting more concise papers.  

These days I no longer offer face-to-face services, but in the past I worked with a wide range of clients in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors providing group and individual training and template advice. For many years, I was a regular presenter at the Governance Institute of Australia. 

You can find my knowledge about board papers in my online course and my book.  

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