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Reviewing the first edition of Write to Govern, Julie Garland McLellan, professional non-executive director and board consultant, said:

‘This book will improve the lives of directors by reducing and refining the morass of paper they must wade through before, during and after each meeting.’


The first section covers the board’s role and looks at conventions for noting and decision papers. It also includes advice on templates.

The second section covers every aspect of the writing process – planning, writing and proofreading – and includes chapters on visuals (graphs and tables) and PowerPoint.

Part 1: Board paper conventions 

  • Chapter 1: The board’s role
  • Chapter 2: Qualities of effective board papers
  • Chapter 3: Templates
  • Chapter 4: Using your template
  • Chapter 5: Noting papers
  • Chapter 6: Decision papers

Part 2: The writing process 

  • Chapter 7: Think first
  • Chapter 8: Structure your paper
  • Chapter 9: Use paragraphs and lists
  • Chapter 10: Write clear sentences
  • Chapter 11: Using powerpoint well
  • Chapter 12: Using visuals well
  • Chapter 13: Review and edit

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