Board paper training


Board paper training

Mary Morel and Julie Shannon, provide in-house board paper training for organisations.

All our training is tailored based on your board papers and templates. Our most popular format is a half-day workshop, but we also offer other formats (9am-3pm or full day).

A workshop may cover topics such as:

Board and committee requirements

  • Understand your audience’s requirements
  • Board and committee paper processes
  • Qualities of effective board and committee papers (clear, concise, complete etc.)
  • Managing the blur between governance and operations

Templates and styles

  • How to use your template/s well
  • How to write clear recommendations and succinct summaries

Write for your audiences

  • Think first – why are you communicating to the board/committee and what are your key messages?
  • Structure your paper well – get to the point, provide the right amount of contextual information, group your information and delete unnecessary detail
  • Write well – brush up your writing skills

Be a visual writer

  • Writing for iPads and tablets (if appropriate)

Use graphs and tables well

  • Integrate graphs and tables with your text
  • Provide commentary, not data dumps

Reviewing and proofreading skills

  • Review papers for meaning and readability
  • Proofread for a professional polish


Our clients include ASX-listed companies, government organisations and not-for-profit organisations.