Reducing the length of your board pack

Reducing the length of your board pack

Reduce the length of your board pack

Shorter board packs for better governance

Size is just a symptom of a board pack that has become unwieldy and difficult to read. Some writers think that by providing everything there is to know about a topic, they are covering themselves. The problem is that key messages can get lost in the detail and then directors are not well-informed. They fail to meet their due diligence obligations.

Mary Morel uses the following process to help reduce the size of your board pack:

  • Meets with you to discuss your concerns about the board pack
  • Reviews the board pack and writes a report on how to tighten the pack from a writing perspective
  • Meets with the senior executive team to provide feedback on the report
  • Works with each senior executive to assess how they can improve their board reports
  • Provides follow-up advice

When you reduce the length of a board pack in a considered way, you improve its clarity, readability and transparency. The end result is better governance.

Email Mary or ring her on +61 2 9365 7711 to find out more information and get a quote.