Board-paper services for better board reporting

Mary Morel provides board-reporting services for corporations, government departments and non-profit organisations.

Working with executives and their teams

I can work with you and your team over a period of time (e.g. three or four months) to make a real and lasting difference to your executive and board reporting.

The program would be tailored to suit your team’s writing needs, but could include:

  • A workshop on writing skills
  • Planning meetings to discuss upcoming writing requirements and key messaging
  • Reviewing meetings to discuss drafts and writing standards
  • Editing to train the team to pay attention to details and use consistent styles
  • Individual training

The results: 

  • Quality board reports and papers that are clear, concise and easy to read
  • Better informed executives and directors
  • More highly skilled writers

Once the skills are cemented, all this will be achieved in less time than before. 

Working with Mary on our organisation’s risk and compliance reports improved their quality and saved me time. The Committee chair and its members commented on the difference.

General Manager Risk & Compliance

Board pack reviews

A review of your board pack from a writing perspective identifies writing strengths and areas for improvements. It also serves as a benchmark to monitor and measure progress. 

A quick review six months later can clearly show the progress that’s been made and what areas still need attention.

Template overhauls

Too many templates are old-fashioned and difficult to use. With such templates, many writers do their own thing, destroying one of the advantages of a template: consistency.

A simple modern template encourages writer to structure their writing well and make it visually appealing. When a new template is introduced, writers need guidelines and training on how to use it well. 


I offer half-day, face-to-face workshops or two video-conference sessions (1.5–2 hours each) a week or so apart.

A workshop will include:

  • Write for your audience (board’s role and directors’ skillsets, difference between management and board reporting)
  • Think first to clarify your key messages
  • Use your template well
  • Structure and format your writing for your readers
  • Use visuals (graphs, tables) effectively
  • Write clearly and concisely 
  • Review for meaning
  • Edit for a professional finish

Individual coaching

I work with individuals for six-to-eight weeks to improve their writing skills. 

Contact me (+61 400 686 600 or

to see how I can help your organisation.