Mary Morel works with organisations to improve the written quality of their board reports and papers.

Benchmark your board pack 

A review of your board pack from a writing perspective gives you a starting point to monitor and measure future progress.

The executive team sets the tone for board reporting. I work with executive teams to:

  • Assess and improve individual reports
  • Refine their skills at setting briefs and reviewing decision and noting papers

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Train writers how to write effective board and committee papers

All training is tailored, based on your board papers. The most popular format is a half-day workshop, but we also offer other formats (9am–3pm or full day). This service is offered by Mary Morel and colleagues.

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Tame your templates

Modern templates and guidelines encourage writers to get to the point upfront and anticipate and answer directors’ questions.

I have worked with several organisations to update their templates and guidelines. You can tailor my online course to reinforce good template use.

Improve your own writing skills or get help with a complex paper

If writing is not your preferred skill, but you have to do more board reporting, why not get some help? Or if you just need help with a complex paper, call me. I’ve helped several writers who’ve got bogged down in the detail.

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For more information contact Mary Morel on +61 400 686 600 or email