Board-paper services for better board reporting

Mary Morel provides a wide range of services for corporations, government departments and nonprofit organisations.

Working with teams

I can work with your team over a period of time (e.g. four months) to make a real and lasting difference to your executive, committee and board papers. 

The program would be tailored to suit your team’s writing needs, but could include:

  • A short session (1.5 hours) on writing skills
  • Planning meetings to discuss upcoming writing requirements and key messaging
  • Reviewing meetings to discuss drafts and look at writing techniques to improve them
  • Reviewing – I work with individuals in the team to improve their reports or papers 
  • Editing –  I edit all documents and train the team to pay attention to details and use consistent styles

The results: quality board papers, better-informed readers and more highly skilled writers. 

And all achieved in less time than before. 

Board pack reviews

A review of your board pack from a writing perspective identifies writing strengths and areas for improvements. It also serves as a benchmark to monitor and measure progress. 

A quick review six months later can clearly show the progress that’s been made and what areas still need attention.

Template overhauls

Too many templates are old-fashioned and difficult to use. With such templates, many writers do their own thing, destroying one of the advantages of a template: which is consistency.

A simple modern template encourages writer to structure their writing well and make it visually appealing. When a new template is introduced, writers need guidelines and training on how to use it effectively. 

Short training sessions

Board-paper principles can be taught over Zoom or another video-conferencing platform (1.5–2 hours).

Individual coaching

I work with individuals for six-to- eight weeks to improve their writing skills. 

Call me on +61 400 686 600 or email to see how I can help you or your organisation.