Review and benchmark your board pack


Standard Australia’s Best Practice Board Reporting states: ‘The information provided to the Board should enable them to make well-informed decisions that are in the best interests of all stakeholders.

‘As the ability of a Board to perform its role effectively depends on the integrity of the information it receives, it is critical for the information to be sufficient, accurate, relevant and timely.’

Yet too often the board pack does not meet those standards, and piecemeal changes are applied to improve quality.

A one-off workshop may improve the quality of attendees’ writing, but will not change an organisation’s writing culture or make lasting change to a board pack. Most organisations know what’s wrong with their reports and papers – the complaints are universal.

Reports and papers are too long, poorly structured and riddled with acronyms. They often lack incisive commentary on future trends and expectations, and risks are flimsily addressed.

But can you objectively measure the writing quality of your board pack so you can review it annually to monitor your improvements?

Matrix to measure and monitor board packs

We’ve developed matrices that allow you to score individual reports and papers against best practice criteria. The criteria are set by Mary Morel and Dana Skopal based on Mary’s board paper experience and Dana’s PhD research.

Applying our matrices to your board pack

We can review your board pack for you or teach you how to use our matrices. Alternatively, we can review your board pack the first time, and then teach you how to do it yourself in following years. For more information, contact Mary on 61 2 9365 7711 or email