Write to Govern online course

This course will help you write board and committee papers with greater confidence.

For A$395 you receive:

  • Information based on my 10 years’ experience working with board and committee papers
  • 10+ podcasts (interviews) with experts (more interviews will be added regularly)
  • Videos
  • Activities
  • A copy of my book, Write to Govern

Course content

Part 1: Boards

  • The board’s role
  • Your audience
  • Managing the blur
  • Qualities of effective board papers
  • The board paper processes and time frames

Part 2: Think first

  • PACK
  • Structured thinking

Part 3: Templates

  • Purpose statements
  • How to write recommendations
  • How to write summaries
  • How to write a background section
  • Linking to strategy
  • Writing about risk
  • Writing about financial information

Part 4: Writing

  • Structure and coherence principles
  • Formatting
  • Writing skills

Part 5: Reviewing and editing

  • Reviewing
  • Editing
  • Review your own paper

Part 6: Presenting to the board

Interviews with board paper experts

This course includes interviews with:

  • Ken Marshman, chair or REST Industry Super
  • Christine Hawkins, non-executive director
  • Rob Campbell, New Zealand chair and non-executive director
  • Lisa Coletta, corporate governance specialist
  • Davina Stanley, managing director of Clarity College
  • David Wright, Wright Management Consulting
  • Barry Rafe, Rafe Consulting
  • Peter Whyntie, independent compliance expert
  • Aaron Slater, Head of Enterprise Performance, Australia Post
  • Dana Skopal PhD, linguist
  • Julie Garland McLellan, author of Presenting to Boards

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Develop your own in-house module on board reporting

Engage my services to help you develop a short online module on writing effective board papers.

This course could include:

  • Videos from your CEO and board chair
  • Your template and guidelines
  • How to write recommendations and summaries
  • A PDF copy of my book, Write to Govern
  • Examples of good board papers

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