Taming templates

 When writers use your organisation’s board-paper templates well, they write better board papers. 

Modern board and committee templates are useful because they:

  • Encourage writers to get to the point and answer ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions
  • Provide information in a consistent format for directors
  • Help writers prepare papers that get through the review process more easily

Train your writers to use your organisation’s template well with an online course

Engage me to help you develop a short online module on how to use your organisation’s templates.

This online course could include:

  • A video message from your CEO and board chair
  • A PDF of my book, Write to Govern
  • Your template and guidelines
  • How to write recommendations and summaries
  • Examples of good board papers

 Contact Mary Morel on +61 400 686 600 or email mary@writetogovern.com.au for more information.